College of Business and Management Goals

The College of Business and Management aims to produce competent, efficient and effective managers, bankers, entrepreneurs, hoteliers, restaurant and financial and information officers who are equipped with conceptual, human and technical skills and are well-served in the application of business management principles, processes and strategies which are vital to succeed in the dynamic and complex domestic and global business environment.

Objectives of the BS Entrepreneurship

  1. Apply the fundamental principles, concepts, theories and practices of management and entrepreneurship;\
  2. Adopt the important practices, principles and concept of the management, entrepreneurship and banking and finance in solving actual organizational and business problems;
  3. Demonstrate skills, competencies, proficiency, competency, effectiveness and efficiency in performance of their specific tasks in the business enterprise whether it is managerial or non-managerial responsibility;
  4. Manifest innovative and analytical minds in discovering and developing new products useful for the people to research and development;
  5. Exhibit positive attitude, moral values, and professionalism in dealing with clients and people in the business world and economy as well;
  6. To become proficient in the use of computer technologies in gathering information useful for planning, decision making, controlling and solving problems in the modern business environment;
  7. Deliver high level of oral and written communication skills in the business transactions, negotiations, and presentation of business idea and proposals;
  8. Demonstrate corporate social responsibility in doing business by sharing, profits to the     community through livelihood, social and environmental protection projects.

Objectives of the Hotel and Restaurant Management

Graduates of the program shall be able to:

  1. Analyze situations, identify problems, formulate solutions, make decisions and implement corrective and/or mitigating measures and action.
  2. Perform simple arithmetic and mathematical operations.
  3. Conduct research and extension activities in the field of Hospitality Management.
  4. Exhibit proficiency in oral and written communication and acquire basic communication and interaction skills in foreign language for global competitiveness.
  5. Undertake tasks, functions, duties and activities in the operation of the hotels and restaurants in accordance with the competency standards.
  6. Perform work activities effectively and efficiently to the standards expected to the operation required in hospitality sector.
  7. Work with a variety of technologies in accordance with the competency standards to be locally and globally competitive.
  8. Demonstrate the values of fairness, transparency, accountability, hard work, honesty, patience, diligence and innovativenes and risk taking.

Objectives of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

  1. Demonstrate application of useful, purposely and primary concepts of thinking analytical and get to the bottom of business problem in the workplace and similar environment.
  2. Display an acceptance of the relationship among business, jobs and developments.
  3. Manifest thinking innovatively in directing problems and simulation in occupational or personal opportunities.
  4. Think creatively to create new methods to act in response to opportunities.
  5. Show social responsibility to considering the points of views of other especially in their community.