Cauayan Campus – one of the nine campuses of the Isabela State University system, was established as Cauayan High School in 1945, converted to Cauayan Rural High School on July 19, 1963, Cauayan Polytechnic College on February 23, 1995 and integrated to Isabela University in October, 1999.

Already 14 years old in the Isabela State University System, Cauayan Campus has manifested remarkable changes not only in terms of population but also in infrastructure, school buildings, equipment and modern facilities and program offerings. One of the mandated programs, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) is its flagship program. Bachelor of Science in Criminology although non-mandated, has consistently produced competent graduates who would register high passing rate in the Board Exams, always surpassing National Passing percentage.

To date, Cauayan Campus stands out among other campuses in terms of population rendering the highest/biggest income, thus enabling it to address the various needs of its students in Instruction, Research & Extension. In no time at all, this campus will surely be producing graduates who will find themselves making waves names not only in this country but also in ASEAN community.