School of Arts & Sciences Goals

The School of Arts & Sciences provides the students opportunity in the acquisition of the interdisciplinary perspective to allow them to make connections of new knowledge across areas of specialization as a result of a research-based undertakings and to approach problem-solving from the multiple perspectives.

The courses especially focus on skills and the incremental development of skills by starting with simpler concepts and assignments to help the student reach the complexity of deep learning which includes its application and integration with other knowledge.


1. Possess exemplary leadership skills and characteristics of a good citizen worthy of emulation which provides a distinct characteristic for a political science graduate who can be globally competitive with others;

2. Compare, contrast and classify the major concepts and distinctiveness of the discipline, its sub-fields, theories and methods.

3. Explain the nature and dynamics of the different political systems, institutions, and processes in present day politics locally, nationally and globally;

4. Do comparative analyses and be able to conduct research inquiries using appropriate quantitative and qualitative methods guided by theories or conceptual frameworks;

5. Think critically and analytically about political issues and challenges affecting the global and international relations

6. Develop a predisposition towards ethical political involvement and practice on different levels of engagement through research, seminars, trainings and extension and production activities relevant to the program;

7. Display commendable values of nationalism and patriotism and gender and development principles in multi-cultural settings; and

8. Critically respond to current issues and problems based on a substantive understanding of the historical and contemporary developments in the national and global contexts

Bachelor of Arts in English Language Studies Program Outcomes

  1. Articulate a comprehensive and contextualized view of the English Language system and development;
  2. Communicate in English both fluently, accurately, and creatively in diverse social, cultural, academic and professional settings;
  3. Facilitate English language learning in diverse social, cultural, academic and professional settings;
  4. Participate effectively in oral communication situations where language systems vary;
  5. Produce well-written text s for various academic and professional purposes;


1. Exhibit proficiency in applying the legal and management principles, theories and methods to a given set of facts and to various types of organizations.

2. Analyze, evaluate and solve problems critically using legal and management tools and techniques.

3. Manifest effective interpersonal, entrepreneurial, leadership environmental, information technology skills as future leaders and as a citizen.

4. Display commendable values of nationalism and patriotism and gender and development principles in multi-cultural settings.

5. Seek employment and facilitate the integration process in the corporate environment so they can be immediately productive once employed.

6. Make decisions, discharge obligations and exercise rights within legal bounds, ethical standards and corporate social responsibility.

7. Formulate meaningful contributions as a strategic partner in building the organization to become    globally competitive, through research, extension, trainings and production activities